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Our Goals


Create positive young leaders from the skateboarding community.


Build an independent 4-12 School and accredited Postgraduate College to implement a skateboarding based curriculum in Sunshine Valley BC.


Assist cognitive development of children by introducing skateboarding programs at the motor skills development stage.


Provide underprivileged skateboarders 14 and under with access to shoes and skateboarding equipment.


Shoes&Equipment programs:

Christmas 2011, OneAreaCode Corp started hosting the Shoes&Equipment program with the support of S&J Sales, Timebomb Trading, Ultimate Distribution, FourStar, Kitsch, RedStar and Supra Shoes.

Designed to create young leaders, promote positive and productive use of skate facilities and to raise the skills and retention of young skateboarders; the program exchanged positive Home, School and Skate community contributions “OneAreaCode’s Agreement of Participation” for a 50-100% discount on Shoes&Equipment.

Over 3 years, 330 packages with 70 participants from seven test locations, the program’s “Agreement of Participation” reduced skatepark and online involvement/promotion of drinking, smoking, drug use, bullying and negative behavior. The program is a powerful tool for participants to use against peer pressure to drink or take drugs.

In 2014 we refined the Shoes&Equipment program’s payment system to better assist marginalized families to access the program.

Back2School care-packs4kids:

In 2014, OneAreaCode Foundation and our partners Timebomb Trading, Ultimate Distribution, Supra Shoes, Saxx Underwear and Monk Office, donated over 20 thousand dollars in shoes, warm & wet weather clothing, equipment and school supplies, to BC children living below the low-income-cut-off.

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OneAreaCode Foundations ABEs Charity Philosophy

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